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Thursday, November 05, 2015

Rosy Fingered Dawn Must Wait

My favorite Lebanese news web site is undergoing a major renovation in its English language section. I admit I read An Nahaar  - meaning "the day from dawn until dusk, whereas "yaum" is the whole megillah of 25 hours  - in English, because I just can't keep up.

I began reading An Nahaar probably in 1982-83 as I was going to one class at U of Michigan, Dearborn Campus, and would stop by Arab-owned stores for food, and the only timely edition available was An Nahaar.

So this was the print edition. I read my first Arab OpEd piece about Mu'ammar Ghadaffee of Libya in it, and I was vastly surprised - vastly... say a distance mentally like that from the Alpheus to the Scamander! - how different the writer's opinion was from that I normally received from our newspapers and periodicals.

I guess Orwell was right about the Ministry of Truth.

This could be called Neyestani's definition of  An Nahaar: the period of the 24 hour day during which the sun is up and bright.
It seems to apply to the Middle East and Central Asia in the present day.


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