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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Refugee Road-Kill

It won't be long before an Ohio State Senator wants to change the name of Refugee Road to Operation Desert Storm Avenue -  or worse -  to commemorate the ongoing effort to change the Middle East for the better since 1990.

If you have lived around Columbus, Ohio, you will know Refugee Road runs east from Poplar Creek to Reynoldsburg - where it is called Chatterton Road, Reynoldsburg having gotten the road-name-changing bug much earlier than the rest of us - then continues west to Alum Creek, where it joins with highway 104 and bridges the creek, then resumes on the west bank of Alum Creek before finally ending at Lockbourne Avenue.

(Actually, it has been pointed out that the Frank Expressway sort of piggy-backs the exhausted Refugee Road - it has come all the way from Poplar Creek... or Popular Creek as many in the area pronounce it.
The Frank Expressway picks up Refugee Road, takes the name "Frank-Refugee Xway" and goes a couple miles over the Scioto River , where is dumps old Refugee Road at Father Phineas MacAdam's house for homeless roadways.

"He ain't heavy," says Ex-way Frank. "He's ma brother... 'n a refugee , to boot!"

 Big Frank Xway Road and Little Refugee Road... Brothers of the Scioto!


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