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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thybault Versus Romeo

وأصدقائه   Joey

Joey and his Friends (Joey: center)

It is the day for the monthly meeting of the TYBALTs at Hanaan's Diner.

The TYBALTs, in case you do not know, are  The Young Bucks At Lunch Together.
We are the sworn enemies of the ROMEOs, or The Retired Old Men Eating Out.

Hanaan painted a dividing line on the diner's tile floor and said
"Yous  (meaning: we Thybalts) that side! (pointing to the west) Yous (meaning: they Romeos) that side! (easterly enough to be east)"

We just heard from Joey Nasser, the youngest of the Thybalts; he is a young buck, actually. He will be there today.
He had been in Lebanon and the Middle East, but he calls it the Middle Easy
I guess like an apotropaic euphemism; a cutesy thing to turn away bad luck.

I guessed it worked.


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