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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Real Housewives Of Hate-Muslim County

Pamela Geller

I have not read    פֿאָרווערטס for a while, but I have read Forward, which is the English weekly and is a righteous newspaper.

So there's a piece about Ms. Geller:
Why Is a Mainstream Jewish Charity Funding Pamela Geller?
Eli Clifton November 21, 2015
Pamela Geller is the flamboyant and unfiltered representative for the anti-Muslim far-right on the Internet. Her organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, has mounted legal campaigns to force public buses across the country to run her advertisements, including one claiming “Islamic Jew-hatred: It’s in the Quran,” and urging an end to “all aid to Islamic countries.” The media coverage of Geller and AFDI’s actions often includes denunciations from interfaith, civil liberties and Jewish groups seeking to distance themselves from her actions.

But Jewish Communal Fund, a mainstream philanthropic fund that describes itself as “dedicated to the welfare and security of the Jewish community at home and abroad,” has funded Geller’s work. JCF’s annual tax filings show contributions of $30,000 in the 2012 tax year and $70,000 in the 2013 tax year, the last tax year for which filings are available, directed to Geller’s AFDI. ...

Suddenly it dawns on me that Ms. Geller is a Reality-Media creature, who - not being able to sing, act, nor be adorably sexy in a remote-yet-vulnerably-empty way like Paris Hilton, not susceptible to making videos of herself, and too old to really matter to the Korophiliac Media of the modern day, has had to find a new way to stardom.

(note:  "koros" is Doric Greek for a youth who has entered into adolescence. The female is "kore".
The forms are often seen as "kouros" for male and "koros" for female, reflecting the ancient Linear B "kor-wos" [male] and "kor-wa [female] where the Homeric Greek would drop the "w" after the "r" and sort of modify the preceding vowel by dumping the "w" as a "u" right next to it = kou-ros
So I use "kor-" for both male and female, and heartily thank the Lakedaemonians for their help.)

Ms. Geller has found her place in the sun by the canny use of web-hate, sort of being an Eurinys, an avenging flash-mob-of-one who descends upon the Muslim community when one of their members sins.

She is a celebrity. I mean, look at the care she takes with her personal appearance so as to appear like a re-incarnation of Carly Simon!

I am looking forward to the time when Kim Davis gets on board the Reality-Media-Creature train:

The probability that some media hounds are working on it right now is quite high. There should be a glamorous premiere in the near future.


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