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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Taco Bell Ezecutive Series: The Pilot Episode

Taco Bell Ezecutive Attacks Uber Driver

My pal, George, and I are going to pitch this idea to NBC.

First, ya gotta know that Taco Bell calls salaried employees "ezecutives" and the dress code makes them wear their baseball caps gang style. That's first. You got to get the whole ethos thing.

Here's the idea:
This crazy Taco Bell guy goes off on his Uber driver, and the Uber driver presses charges against him.
So it goes to trial.  The judge in the case decides that instead of jail time, the Taco Bell guy should become the Uber driver's butler for 18 months, with no time off for good behavior. His butler! Is that funny, or what?

And it should be a little like Jeeves and Bertie, eh? Like the Uber driver from the photo above obviously has no sense of fashion or what looks good. I mean, he looks like he got the call in the middle of the night, and went to pick this guy up while he was still wearing his 'jammies.

So Pizzaro - that's a name were kicking around for the ezecutive, Pizzaro - goes in for his first day on the job and sort of tries to bring some order into Lloyd's - Uber driver's name - closet, and Lloyd is like, wow, man! when he gets home from the airport or wherever, and Lloyd sort of chillaxes and tells Pizzaro about his rider, man, like this guy wanted to marry his girlfriend, but the girl's old man doesn't want her to marry someone outside her racial group - like, he don't want no mixie grandkids, dig?

So Pizarro, who actually has quite a good brain on his shoulders when he's not binge drinking, turns on the grey matter and devises a plan to let the young couple wed... and Lloyd gets to drive them to the wedding, and then off to the airport for their honeymoon trip.

Cool Idea!

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