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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mr. Smith Goes To Jefferson City

That is, Jefferson City, Missouri, capital of Missouri.

I do not post about as many things as I used to, mainly because I realize that most readers are just as sagacious - if not more so - than I, so the vast reading populace does not really need me - as if I were the Donald Trump of blogs - to point out the madness of the entire world, including myself as a subset thereof.

But some things need comment.

Thus, in the capital city of Missouri, Jefferson City, we read of this in Al Jazeera:
Missouri state senator aims to block student's dissertation on abortion
November 11, 2015 2:26PM ET Updated 5:45PM ET
by Massoud Hayoun
University of Missouri doctoral student plans to continue research for her dissertation on the effects of the state’s recently imposed 72-hour waiting period for abortions, despite a state legislator’s push to block the research, the student told Al Jazeera in an exclusive interview.

“I stand by my research project,” Lindsay Ruhr said Wednesday. “I feel that my research is objective, and that the whole point of my research is to understand how this policy affects women. Whether this policy is having a harmful or beneficial effect, we don’t know.”

State Sen. Kurt Schaefer, a Republican from Columbia, Missouri, who chairs the Missouri state senate’s interim Committee on the Sanctity of Life, sent a letter in late October to the University of Missouri...

 That's all I need to read: that there is a committee made up of politicians making decisions on the "Sanctity of Life"

Politicians make decisions of the morality of Grand Theft; Auto. That's what they are capable of.
Imagine a place where the mediocre entities that call themselves "politicians" have arrogated to themselves the place to make decisions about sanctity and the Holy!

Imagine living in a such a Right-Wing Third Worldie place! Right-Wing Iran, Right-Wing Saudi Arabia, Right-Wing Israel, Right-Wing Indonesia, Right-Wing India, and Right-Wing USA !

It makes us think about fundamentalism and the whole process of becoming "Right-Wing":  part of the process is to transfer the innate right-wing dislike of change and seeming anarchy from the world of things and politics to a religious condemnation of change, ebb and flow of holy tides of God....

It is the desire to fetter God, such as entrapment within the confines of a golden statue of a calf or to imprison God within an icon or statue...

The type of fundamentalist thought we call Right-Wing is the state of Death in Life applied to the Holy, a gross mischaracterization.

Which - by the way - is why fundamentalists such as we have described so often bomb and destroy statues and icons and rip up other people's sacred books:
Fundamentalist believe that the Holy can be trapped within their Belief Systems, and by gruesome analogy they believe that the Holy can be fettered as easily in crude material artifacts.

Unfortunately, very often the opposition to the Right-Wing is a Left-Wing who can only imagine the Holy as a chaotic regime, beyond thought and speech, and, thus, beyond our experience.
The Holy may be beyond our Comprehension, but is is not beyond Experience.



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