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Monday, December 21, 2015

Childermas Is Coming

Mr. Splane Speaks on Child Abuse in Portugal

An article on child abuse among the Jehovah's Witnesses, illustrating that it still is open season on children, and the Christmas season rightly has Childermas [Childrens' Mass] or the Feast of the Holy Innocents to remind us.
However, we dismiss the thought and securely believe that only King Herod could do such dastardly deeds, while we positively worship kids and are in all senses vastly Pro-Life!

Pro-Life! That is our culture!
The metaphors of violence and guns are, well, metaphors for something really weighty; don't quite know what yet, but when we do figure it out, we shall find it to be important.

How Jehovah’s Witness leaders are responding to child abuse scrutiny
By Trey Bundy / December 14, 2015
...Jehovah’s Witnesses leaders have said publicly that they are proud of their child protection policies and that they do more to shield young members from harm than other religions. Despite mounting lawsuits and media reports, however, they have failed to acknowledge that the organization has hidden child abuse from secular authorities around the world for decades...

They are proud that they have done more...

First, they admit their sin, and secondly they assert - without proof - that their sin is less that the sins of others.


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