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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Not Ready For Prime Time Players?

Marie Le Pen

(This photo is set up in a very unfortunate manner. I saw the original in a small format, and from a distance, Ms. Le Pen's eyes looked like part of the nose on the large portrait in the rear, and I wondered what Miss Piggy had to do with politics?)

Shades of the American Tea Party in France's election.

Reading an Opinion piece in Al Jazeera:

Marine Le Pen's victory is a bigger threat than ISIL
The National Front's track record of ineptitude, corruption and nepotism might herald the end of the French republic.
08 Dec 2015 06:58 GMT
Remi Piet
Remi Piet is assistant professor of public policy, diplomacy and international political economy at Qatar University.
... In the few cases when the National Front has been able to win a local election, its track record is appalling. In Hayange, the extreme-right mayor was found to have falsified its electoral budget. In Beziers, the National Front mayor Robert Menard has encouraged the creation of private militias and the religious listings to target minorities. In each of the Southern cities of Toulon, Vitrolles, Orange and Marignane, once held by the National Front, corruption, nepotism and mismanagement have been endemic.

After a few years of National Front administration, each city ended up in severe debt and unable to balance budgets despite severe cuts in spending in culture and social welfare.
On every occasion, the National Front has proved to be inept in any power position. Unfortunately, the very electoral system that prevented the parliamentary representation of the National Front might end up ushering a tsunami of incompetent and corrupt politicians in the coming years...

If you can control your gag reflex, try to remember the Tea Party Republicans in Congress seriously considering back in 2011 to default on the national debt. They were serious to the point that a special delegation from Standard & Poors had to come and give them some quick pointers about how not to destroy the world financial system.

I wrote about it in July, 2011. The Republicans had expressed a desire to talk with Mr. Milburn Drysdale, president of the Commerce Bank of Beverley Hills, accompanied by his able assistant, Miss Jane Hathaway instead of the Standard and Poors guys.

Ms. Hathaway and Mr. Drysdale


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