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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Candidates' Debate

The Democratic debate last night:

The Atlantic
The Dilemma Facing Democratic Voters
David A. Graham
... Thus the major dilemma for Democratic voters in 2016: Do they support Sanders, a guy whose positions are in line with the party’s mainstream, but who obviously has a fairly superficial, ideologically rigid engagement with foreign policy? Or do they support Clinton, who has a more powerful, detailed, and nuanced command of the issues than any other candidate, but is also far more hawkish than most Democrats?

Mrs. Clinton's grasp of foreign policy is profound.
It is also misguided.
The fingerprints of Secretary of State Clinton are all over Syria, and she has learned nothing. I would guess that only the thoroughgoing nature of the Iraq disaster turned her against that adventurism.

Read another, older article about Mrs. Clinton's involvement in Iraq:
The Federalist
Can Hillary Clinton Recover From Her Support Of The Iraq War?
Dan McLaughlin
May 19, 2014
... Why did she choose, instead, to support and justify a war that Democratic partisans now regard as a war crime, beyond the pale of civilized discourse and disagreement?...

I am not by any stretch of the I-magination a Democratic partisan, but I do consider the Iraq war to be a criminal enterprise.

I believe the burden of guilt will cause great suffering unless we somehow reconcile. But Mrs. Clinton believes in more of the same: more regime change, more disruption, more war.
No one has dared broach the topic of War Guilt.
The karma of the murder of millions will hound us.


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