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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Minority Report: Cherchez Les Femmes... AVANT l'Attentat !

"Round up the usual female suspects... and for good measure, round them up before the attack takes place!"
A Minority Report vignette of the near-future American scene, where one prevents crimes before the occur.

My favorite insight into the mind of Trump:
Dec 4 2015
... "Just so you understand," Trump explained, "when the World Trade Center was knocked down, the people, the animals that did that, they sent their wives and their families back to Saudi Arabia. Most went back to Saudi. Those wives knew what their husbands were going to do. We never went after them, we never did anything. We have to attack much stronger." ...

... "It was a terrorist attack," Trump said. While promising to handle situations such as this "so tough," he also noted that "if you had a couple of folks in there with guns, that knew how to use them, and they were in that room, you wouldn't have dead people. The dead people would be the other guys."

The shooters in Wednesday's attack who were both killed in a shootout with law enforcement, left behind a 6-month old daughter as well as siblings, in-laws and parents. Investigators have not implicated any of the shooters' family members in the attacks.

Trump, however, told CBS News Friday evening in an interview that he doesn't believe gunman Syed Farook's sister is innocent and that he would go after her. "I would go after a lot of people and find out whether or not they knew. I'd be able to find out. Cause I don't believe the sister," he said.

First, he obviously shares the typical American delusion that merely possessing a gun - or even merely being able to shoot straight! -  confers the abilities and expertise that months and years of training are required for police and military professionals.

Second, he is going to go after the women folk!
Not just family members, but he seems intensely focused on female family members.

What good does it do to round them up and put them to the question after their hubbies, or their boyfriends, or their male cousins have launched some attack? Questioning before the attack is the proper way to do things, just as Alan Dershovitz recommends for torturing suspected terrorists before the bomb they planted in the Super Bowl counts down to zero and explodes!

That sounds like a good way to make Masada of every Muslim ghetto in Europe and across the globe.


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