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Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Black Hole Of The Over-Structured Mind

Sometimes it feels as if we're falling into a black hole.

The gun buying spree started well before San Bernadino. The "Gun Bubble" kicked into overdrive when Mr. Obama was elected to his first term as president. We have been awaiting Commies, Pinkos, Armageddon, and all sorts of Red Dawns for quite a while.

And very few people are being trained not only how to use a gun, but how to act with a gun in life-threatening situations.
Except for the police and the military, but they've always had guns. And even the police do not have it easy in life-threatening situations...
Just think, now, about how many incidents there are involving police officers - who have been trained in the use of guns in life and death situations - and sit back and forecast what it is going to be like when so many people have guns and have no training in how to react.

Now we have people with guns who have no idea how their heads are going to mess up when they have a showdown at High Noon at the OK Corral, or the County Disability and Rehabilitation center.

Immediately after San Bernadino, it was pointed out that in the 336 days of 2015 elapsed so far, there have been 352 mass shootings in the USA.

Based on the Gun Bubble, that was an outcome of extremely high probability.
A lot of people predicted it more than 5 years ago.
And here we are.

The stock markets are having incontinence issues as the "Fed Meeting" approaches.
All year long there has been this charade of "We're gonna up rates!" and "The economy's a -gonna tank!"

There is a grotesque disconnect between the stock market and the economy.

Now as Fed Meeting Day approaches, stock are dropping again.
Perhaps commentators will say it is another correction. That would be a good example of stupidity, because corrections occurs in bull markets and are overshooting the mark of reasonable valuation during the feverish phase of the bull market.
We do not have a bull market.
We have a market that has stalled at Dow 17,500 plus or minus some change for years, and only budges if China sneezes or the Fed burps or The House of Representatives farts about the budget.

The economy sucks, and not very much has been done to better it. Nothing is being done at present, and the Republicans take pride in it.
Our government is not functioning in the interest of the people.

In today's New York Times it is reported that Tafsheen Malik and spouse made numerous radical posting on Facebook.

Read that again...

The NSA and FBI and lord-knows-how-many-more government and military organizations spend billions each year, and they miss Facebook postings... I suppose because the posting were available for free.

The structure of the minds of Intel tells them they have to have mass data collections. They do not even see a Facebook posting if they were looking right at it.

The structure of the minds of the people of the USA has been conditioned to think in terms of disaster and crimes, whether Zombie invasion or San Bernadino or Waco, Texas, or Ruby Ridge or Mr. Obama's birth certificate, and cannot deal with what is front of our eyes.

Companies have been structured to be incapable of thinking long-term.

Our minds have been closed by restrictive ideologies that make our politicians able to sign pledges, but unable to effectively govern.

At the beginning of this year, I mentioned that I had intimations of the near future: I had feelings for 2015, for 2016, some haziness for 2018 and beyond, but 2017 was a total black hole: there was nothing in my intuition about 2017.
As time wore on this year, I began to think maybe 2017 was bad times for society.
Then as I visited my doctors, sort of medical Ritz Brothers, I began to think maybe the blackness of 2017 was going to be purely personal; it was I that would be gone.

That changed. I sense a darkness that I shall live through. And guns may protect, but they will not save us.

 Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind


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