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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Noye's Fludde...

Noye's Fludde:
title of mediaeval Chesterfield mystery play Noah's Flood;
Benjamin Britten one-act opera for young actors; 
part of the film Moonrise Kingdom 

Noah's Flood:  a symbolic Peaceable Kingdom in the midst of the anarchy of watery destruction!

I did a post on how the killers of the Dawabsha family might beat the rap lest Israel intelligence community risk divulging classified info, and discretion and protection of spys and moles is the better part of valor.

Reading an article in Tablet this morning made me realize that (1) perhaps my post was very one-sided, and (2) perhaps the Tablet post may have some details wrong,and (3) maybe details are wrong on both sides, and (4) the devil is in the details, and (5) the devil is in the general outlines, too.

I have great respect.
Read the article at
Honoring Terrorists: A Tale of Two Celebrations
What we can learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from how each side’s extremists valorize violence—and how their leaders respond
By Yair Rosenberg
...the first step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have one, and sadly, it seems as though only Israelis have managed to make it that far.

I shall not assume that the conclusion reached in the article is self-serving; no more so than my own idolatry of my golden opinions.

Peace to all men of goodwill.

Peace Now...

before you are deluged by the 40 days and nights of Noye's Fludde of  violence, and have no Noachian covenant in sight for our sorry souls;


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