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Friday, December 11, 2015

Sudden Grief

This is what went on this morning:

First, I said some morning prayers - a bit of the rosary;
Then I made coffee and did some computer stuff;
Then I did a 6 mile run;
When I returned, I made my cocoa - no sugar, no milk, a bit bitter;
While drinking it, I studied Professor Weingreen's Classical Hebrew Grammar;
Then my wife spoke of our daughter, who is pregnant and has had some throat problems, and my wife told me that the doctor had determined it was thrush, and is treating it with some antibiotics.

Thrush is not a vastly big deal in the circumstances, so I stood up and said "Al hamdu li_llahi !"
or "Praise be to Allah !"

That's when the sudden epiphany happened, and the endless curveball that has been modern history straightened out a bit as it approached home-plate, so I swung and hit it:

This day: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam... all within my soul, not in conflict...

How have three great exemplars of spirituality managed to create such conflict and chaos in the world?
How has Christianity fled the West, leaving it a spiritual vacuum? ... not to mention the sins of the various Christian churches?
How has right-wing Judaism come to a place where no one know the right word to say anymore?
How has Islam created a monster within its bosom?

Now, how do the faithful redeem their right to the name of "Faithful"?


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