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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The First Draft

Omnium Gatherum

I save some posts as drafts.

They contain a few lines that are supposed to remind me of what I may - at some far, distant time - actually write about. So I have a draft entitled "Are Governments Intelligent Entities?". I have scribbled: Corporations writing own laws to govern themselves, Inability to focus on real problems...possible Government Depression Syndrome?  
 Crowds...madness...Caligari and Caligula ( gwb - Bush - as 'little boots'=caligula )
Rotwang and Maria.( corporatism = fadcism ? fascism or fad-cism??!! )  
FDA as an alien plot...genetically modified ( or moo-o-o-dified ) ( dec. 2006 add: cloned animals, land o' goshen!)

That pretty well sums it up. I think it makes a bully posting.


The photo above is a real omnium gatherum, or pseudo-Latin gathering-of-everything.
If one Googles omnium gatherum, one gets dark photos of a rock band [HO-bloody!-hum], and refining the query gets one the after-pictures of kitchen drawers :  drawers which have been organized by some device or system which turns chaos (Tohu wa Bohu) into handy-dandy storage units (Hohum and Humbug).


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