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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Long Lent Of Tamir Rice.

If even police who are trained - we assume - in the use of deadly force and are trained in using such force in life-threatening situations...
If even the police and military organizations err in the use of deadly force, what may we expect from our gun carrying fellow citizens who have not undergone such training, and have been nurtured on fear and the distortions of politicians?

I do not see how the policemen can be indicted since they were informed that they were responding to an "active shooter" situation.
That misinformation explains a good deal.

In a Weaponized Society, there must be a set of procedures about how to go about living with the potential of deadly force every day. It is not merely the police gun training, but also the information which they are provided, and how it is packaged and presented to them.
And the same is true of all the weapon-carrying populace.

We have allowed ourselves to be frightened and pushed into a Weaponized Life. It is hard to let loose of our dreams of Armageddon, Dystopia, and Big Brother. Therefore, let us establish the ground rules of this new carnage carnival, the holiday which starts on the Ash Wednesday of Tamir Rice and other lives which no longer matter in the Weapon Era...

Prepare us, O, Lord, for the Cross of Guns!


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