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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Child Abuse Capitol of the World

BBC series on child abuse. The highest rates in the world of child deaths from abuse are the (1) USA, and (2) Mexico.  I suppose it may or may not be surprising that they form an unholy "druggie" alliance; a lethal two-nation tango where the one brings the good stuff in and the other sucks it down in great quantities. (Check out old posts on drug use on Wall Street! Where did you think they got all those creative ideas? Business school?)

I remember making nasty remarks about this years ago. People must have thought I was daft. However, it seems still true that children are often just playthings and consumer items to be used and then tossed away... you see, the problem is that the ethos we live by: consumerism, violence to settle arguments, etc, is an ethos that spreads through all parts of our lives.

The ending segment is subtitled "You only know Anger and Violence."
That sounds an awful lot like what I wrote just yesterday:
If there is no forgiveness, superhuman or otherwise, we fall into the cycle of revenge and vendetta, of killing/exultation and burial/grieving... 

Every six hours a child dies from abuse in the USA... which is our modern twist on the adage from It's A Wonderful Life where an angel gets its wing when a bell rings.

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