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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Death of Newspapers and the Death of Freedom

If the only thing you know about Mr. Gandhi is that you have watched the film Gandhi at least once, then you know how important Press coverage was to the eventual success of his movement, and to the Independence of India. (Even though Great Britain was committed to eventual Indian independence, the British had numerous rationales for its delay.)

When the news becomes "The News" and all the anchor women are blondes, and the anchor men are jesting jocks and "The News" is entertainment and celebrity gossip with a gloss over the headlines, our freedom is imperiled by those who think that the only thing that matters is... profit!


Baysage said...

You mean profit is not the only thing that matters? Really? How come that's not what they teach on TV?

Montag said...

Even "profit" is somewhat loosely defined, leaving one with the impression of dollar bills and Heff's mansion and thongs... yachts on a blue sea, etc.