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Friday, October 28, 2011


I have been reading Max Lerner on propaganda in an essay written in 1941. It amazes me how at one time we could actually pick out the phenomenon of "propaganda" as being an outstanding oddity - as it were - something that was out of the ordinary.
Today are we not awash in propaganda? The instruments of propaganda are secure within our homes: the cable tvs.  We are constantly subjected to commercials designed to make us buy products or to political and social and economic agenda everywhere. Even the telephone has been usurped by "people" with "messages".

After thoroughly immersing myself in the economics of Wall Street and those of Europe of the present day, I conclude that all is Narrative and Story, Guess and Gamble, follow up and clean up for highly paid idiots in charge of the world. No one really knows anything nor do they do anything "virtuous" and difficult until they have painted themselves into a corner, where the possibilities for stories with other outcomes diminish rapidly.

Even now, financial advisors give advice ranging from buy heavily to run for the hills.

Flee the propaganda machines. Be silent, yet be virtuous and... determined!


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