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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Taxis on Yonge Street, Toronto

C. A. Jeffrey painted this. I meant to stop by her place last time I was in Toronto, which was just before we went to Stratford and the  Brian Dennehy incident! I asked She-who-must-obeyed whether we should stop.

"I say, should we make a detour and see C. A. Jeffrey?" I always refer to her as "C. A. Jeffrey" as if I were working at the Number One Ladies' Detective Agency.
"Hmmm.." she said. "Where is it?"
"Number 5 Tlokweng Road." I said.
She humphed.
"Do you actually know where the gallery is?" she said.
"Just about." I said.
We had been winging it roadmap-wise the entire trip, having left our maps somewhere else and staying in new places, like Vaughan, Ontario, which is out on the Highway 7 and is much like a flexible strip mall and industrial zone which, by the looks of it, could actually be rolled up at night and stowed away... assuming the inhabitants fancied such things.
Went straight up Bathhurst Road, stopped at Daiter's and got bagels and cream cheese for a couple of days, continued out under the 401 to find the something or other # this and that... and it doesn't matter that I do not know the names, because there were absolutely no street signs up in all the construction until the last 200 meters before the turn.
So we went up Jane Street to some Crescent beginning with the letter A east of the 400... a little past Jane and Finch. The Crescent was waiting for shrubs and landscaping, possibly for a while. A new Hilton had opened across a parking lot from a new Marriot, and the whole thing looked incestuous. We asked the people inside for a road map, but there were none. Come to think of it, I do not think I have ever been in a motel or hotel that had road maps available. They always have some sort of Local Boosters' maps up on the walls, where enlarged caricatures of local businesses who had contributed to the map's publication were plastered among rows of trees strung along a rudimentary network of streets. Big help.

We missed C. A. Jeffrey. Actually, we miss C. A. Jeffrey and hope she pops up soon.


Ruth said...

Absolutely gorgeous painting. Worth looking for the gallery. I love your tales.

Montag said...

Thank you, Ruth.

I am in a dittesque mood (= ditto+ -esque)so I reciprocate.

airport taxis London said...

Well written! Is it really a painting? At first, I thought it is a real picture. After reading the first line, I came to know that this is a painting. C. A. Jeffrey is a great painter.

Montag said...

Yes she is.