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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dear Wal-Mart,

Why does my Wal-Mart look like a bazaar in Kabul?
Why does my Wal-Mart no longer have greeters?
(I mean they literally gave up on them after they had tried "greeters" who were actively anti-social!)
Why are so many shelves empty?
Why are there so many damaged packages?
Why is it always messy and dirty?
Why is it that in other stores, people always ask to assist you, and in our Wal-Mart nobody does?
(Of course, in fairness, the other store's people are a bit too "cheery", while the Wal-Mart people are either vacant-eyed or are frightened by human contact.)
Why do you have express checkout lanes and then only staff one of them, with the result that the express lanes are the slowest?
(I was in one a month ago and the lady in front of me called the store customer service on her cell phone to tell them to get another lane open. This was not a quick call, but we had plenty of time to kill until that other lane opened.)

The store is in South Eastern Michigan.
Unless you do something about it soon, I shall write more about why I think you let it become a sty.

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