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Saturday, October 29, 2011


I am here to make a posting to my blog. I feel stupid.
There are those who would indicate that my feeling stupid stems from a deep state of dumbness within my brain. Maybe so, maybe not.

I have learned more than any money could have purchased over this year. I have stood fast and weathered the storms of the market... even when I should not have!

Beyond the market, there is Morality. I have learned to be steadfast and loyal to what I believe and those things which people whom I trust believe... even though I see everything changing rapidly before my eyes.

I have written of honor, and I have learned honor. I have written of loyalty, and I have learned loyalty. When the blast of news has driven me away, I have found goodness in silence... silence that is based on what I expect.. intuition... intuition that far exceeds the feeble attempts of rationality to order the world.

I am rather happy about it.


Ruth said...

You should be happy. I know it has not been easy.

Montag said...

Happiness seems to be alien to my constitution as yet.

I love your stories of your retreats with your friend: perfect time of year for such withdrawing (from the rest of society) and approaching (to one's friends). Good stories.