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Monday, October 24, 2011

The Election of the Cenobites: Mr. 999

Today, finally, Cain released the latest tweak of his plan — the creation of what he calls “opportunity zones.” According to Cain, these will be special zones placed in inner cities, and those who work or live in the zones will receive deductions from 999 (which otherwise wipes out all of the traditional tax deductions, including the Earned Income Tax credit, child deduction and the mortgage interest deduction)...
Sounds like a bunch of apartheid Bantustans to me. Mr. Cain is displaying the typical disdain a man-of-success has for the schmucks and poor: keep them in their own areas, far away from me! Either live in a segregated area, or spend much of your waking time commuting... on urban transportation systems that - by the way - will not receive any government funds while the highways will probably continue their socialized lives!


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