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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hermann Cain

The New Republic has a number of things about Mr. Cain, and many of them are dreadful: for example, there is a piece which purports to establish Elizabeth Warren as an "elitist" and Mr. Cain as an "egalitarian"; it proceeds to do no such thing, and Mr. Cain is not even considered until the last paragraph wherein the writer sort of does a cheer for him.

Mr. Cain is a contender for two main reasons at this time:
(1) Rick Perry is not ready for prime time; that means that even though he may make Texan hearts swell with pride, he comes across a little creepy to outsiders.
(2) Many Republicans will not accept Mr. Romney quite yet.

I believe that if Mr. Romney were of a religion the right wing totally approves of, and if Mr. Perry had been able to talk to the nation as a whole instead of acting like he was in a bar at a Dallas Booster's convention and already half in the bag, Mr. Cain would look as attractive as 999 turned upside down into 666.
I mean, how much of Godfather's Pizza can one hear as if it were meaningful? Is it a belief that running the nation is like running an eating franchise?

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