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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Election of the Cenobites: Pinhead

"I don't care about that," Texas Gov. Rick Perry told The New York Times and CNBC, referring to tax breaks for the rich. "What I care about is them having the dollars to invest in their companies."
Who made up this stuff about taxes leading to jobs? If demand is low, the only investment anyone makes is maintaining the level of being able to do business and plan for the future. Notice I said "plan" for the future. Money spent in planning for the future is a good investment. However, the jobs are also at some time in the future.

Right now we need an increase in demand. This was the objective of President Obama's stimulus. Whether this particular attempt at stimulating demand was effective or not may be mooted by the best, brightest, and most-Kardashian of our country, but to believe in nonsense would lead to a disaster.

It is not a good idea to speak nonsense in front of impressionable minds. 

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