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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Se2quel

Someone expressed surprise that a group of us seemed to support the Occupy Wall Street movement: they said we were nothing but revolutionaries reborn.... hippies risen again.... they had put stakes of Reaganism through our hearts - had they not? - to defeat the raging viral zombie-ism of our chemistry, and now we had risen from the marmoreally cold and grisly Grave of Dead Ideals!

Levine, der schwartze Engel (note: see Malamud: The Angel Levine) spoke to the point. He said that calling him a revolutionary now meant that he supported some future revolution, and that is not the case.
The Revolutionary Event had already occurred.

Our critics sat a bit befuddled by this. That, of course, is the whole point: Hanaan's Diner (May her face be averted!) is our dojo, and there we practise the mental martial arts where we use the thrust of someone else's attack against them. We call it Brain Judo. It is usually preceded by Brain Tai Chi which is a deception to get other people to think we are a  group of old blokes who move rather slowly and in orchestrated ways in the city parks at dawn.

Levine said, as I have indicated many times here, the Revolutionary act is done. Now we are seeing who is going to create the future.

The events of 2008 were the culmination of a decade of theft of money from the majority of citizens to the oligarchy. It was a success. The so-called economic Second Great Depression began back in 2008, also; we are just too unfocused to be able to see it yet.
We know this because after a thorough study of the First Great Depression, we found no economic smoking gun. What brought it all together was that as we were ending our study, we noticed that the latest report on railroad activity showed an increase for September of 2011... and now guess what the report for September 1929 showed: an increase in activity: an indicator of growth.
There were no particular problems of such severity as to indicate an incipient Depression... other than great wealth inequity, which, as we have said here before, is considered a symptom of an already chronic disease, and not a cause of anything in particular.

In effect, we created the reality of the First Great Depression: we set out to produce the film of that name! We wrote some ideas down, had a couple screenplays and re-writes, got people involved, got the big name stars signed up and then started to to get supporting actors, like the great old-time character actor "Smoot-Hawley Tariff"!

That is exactly what the expression "dysfunctional government" means; it means continuing with the production of "Great Depression: The Se2quel".

They are already having casting calls in New Hampshire and Iowa and other localities.

I am a conservative independent. I got a call to do a phone survey yesterday and they asked if I would vote for various Republicans. I said that I vowed never to vote for another Republican after the Iraq War brainwashing and deception and I do not intend to vote for any now.
That does not mean I'll vote for a Democrat.

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