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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Democracy: Some Unsavory Aspects

I have a friend who got into a rather heated argument with her daughter about Mitt Romney: the daughter is pro-Mitt, the friend is anti-Mitt. When asked to state the reason for her dislike, she referred to his uncanny ability to mimic a weather vane and blow with the wind.

Unfortunately, hypocrisy is part of sucessful vote getting, and thence forms a basis for Democracy: the tradition of speaking to people to get them to vote for you necessitates a bit of flim-flammery to ensure you get the majority of votes... so sometimes you bend the truth a little... or gild the lily... or flip-flop.
Pericles did it in Athens.
Hypocrisy: get used to it.
I mean get used to it being at the heart of our form of government; we are already used to its constant presence in life.


Baysage said...

Obama is the most successful of the grand liars lately. I believe very little of what the man says any more.

Montag said...

I do not even listen. Of course, I do not listen to anyone on cable anymore, except the presidential candidates when I need a laugh.

One has to admire the timing of Mitt Romney in dis-embracing climate change at just this time.
This timing is not the timing which made him a rich man.