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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reason and Education

Our world is not actually rational. What is it, then? I mean, what is it when we pretend rationality? Looking at the Libyan War, which I assume is over now, indicates that we use reason and logic to not only establish rules, laws, and norms, but also to escape from them (Geneva Conventions).

Escape seems to be fairly easy, for example ignoring the EPA and basic human health concerns in the case of hazardous hydrofracking, when we have a large pay-off. If we do not have a pay-off, we can also rely on a dysfunctional education wherein the long struggle to laws, rules, and norms is ignored and left to be forgotten.

When Education fails, we become reasonable rodents, prey of the viciously rich.
Education is not Propaganda. The aim of Education is to strip Propaganda of its bejewelled tiara of deceit.

More later, especially Geneva Conventions and our Wars o' the Week.

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