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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ade Ileke 39: Weaving

Trees and rivers are the warp
upon which we weave our weft;
two strands green and blue
overlaid with madder and kermes,
saffron and viridian.


Ruth said...

I love the weaving, and the words, the thoughts. We each bring this individual sight to the warp, creating unique combinations.

Montag said...

and we weave with many resources: yarns, woods, strings and ropes, trees, river, and men and women.

Baysage said...

Once again driving me to the dictionary. Thank goodness for Ninjawords.

Montag said...

Ninjawords? I never heard that one before.
I expected words that attack! like ninjas!

I used to be very into the textile arts, so I learned a lot of colors and dye words.