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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Self-Organization of the Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith

The inequity of wealth in this country is not something which will lead to a great sickness of society, for the sickness is already here, and the imbalance into 1% and 99% is a symptom of the cancer.

There is no conspiracy to amass all the wealth of a country.

However, there are a set of principles of self-organization which come into play, and they take the individual acts of the rich which vary in their independence from each other, and organize these independent behaviors in such a way that from initial randomness - say around 1985 - we reach a point where a small fraction of the population controls most of the wealth in, say, 2012...
and this in essence is an equivalence with colonial exploitations with small foreign forces and settlers controlling the vast lands and resources of countries.

The Principles of Self-Organization inherent in the process we see today is the DNA code of the Cancer.
Where is the Adam Smith or Lord Keynes who will decipher it to us?
When they are found, will we heed their words?

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