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Friday, January 13, 2012


Reading about Romney and Bain Capital, which bought companies on the verge of bankruptcy, gutted them and created leaner, meaner companies, some of whom showed a profit.

People seem to think "lean and mean" is part of the definition of Capitalism. It is not. It may be a type of effort that creates efficient companies in a Capitalistic system, but that is as far as one can go with it. The bloated and inefficient companies on the verge of bankruptcy were also in a Capitalist system.

To choose Romney is not to choose Capitalism; it is to choose an ethos.


Baysage said...

It is also to chose the wealthiest individual the country has ever elected president. Somehow, if he wins, fitting and symbolic.

Montag said...

We have forgotten how to evaluate fidelity and honor and loyalty. If we were in the presence of such virtues, we would be unaware of their presence.

Hence, we use the surrogate of "wealth".

I mean, Herman Cain's supporters used to brag what a good businessman he was, and that he created wealth and jobs.

Attila the Hun created wealth, too, for some people... mostly the elite Hun ruling class, but he was a wealth creator and a job creator, too!