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Friday, January 13, 2012


As the politics continues, I remember a telephone survey I took back in 2010 before the elections that year. It was about the race for Michigan Governor - Snyder versus Bernero - and it seemed to be pro-Snyder. As an Independent, I answered the questions, some pro-Republican, some pro-Democrat.

Then came the clincher. The survey person asked me that if the election were that day, would I vote for Snyder? Well, I said, I took a vow back in 2003 after the Iraq invasion never to vote for a Republican again... so I guess I could not.

There was a brief silence, but these people are trained to hear all kinds of hooey, so the survey went on: couple more match-ups, couple of more disclaimers that I was honor bound never to vote Republican again... even though I supported some of Snyder's ideas.



Baysage said...

Sounds like a reasonable vow to make to me. But then, I am not your most impartial observer of these times.

Montag said...

How can one be impartial?
I remember every crime, from the willfull ignoring of the UN Weapons Inspectors report to the invasion to the initial hiatus where we held our breath, basking in the complete victory.

Then, bam! The museum was being looted! There was no police force anymore! The Iraqi army had been disbanded, and there were no plans in place for civil discord and criminal activities!

And as the decade wore on, the ceaseless subterfuges of hiding the costs of the wars, the ceaseless spending and extension of government spending which the Republicans in Congress (except Ron Paul) never said "No" to.

Nope. Never vote for a Republican again. They are not Conservatives, they are cowards stuck in a routine.

Baysage said...

I harbor the same deep-seated suspicions of the Democrats. The Obama administration has been a disaster for progressive causes. I don't have to rehearse them. Very likely, I will return to the "damn both of them" stance I occupied in about half the presidential elections I've participated in since 1964. My preferred vote is "Hell, no!"

Montag said...

Believe me, I have no love whatsoever for the Democratic Party.

I suppose I support them often since they have not been scoundrels for 10 years or so... two-party system and how wonderful it is.