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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Jimmy Carter on Faith and Politics
by Jeff Carter

I am not a fan of the policies of former President Carter. However, I am interested to learn how he thought faith played a part in his decisions. He was the first evangelical Christian to become President in the 20th Century. I have not heard the interview yet...
I do not like this type of introduction, wherein the writer feels as if they need to air their laundry to prove it is not even remotely dirty. This is not an investment piece, where is it customary to acknowledge if one holds stock in companies one is touting.  Who really cares what Jeff Carter thinks of Jimmy Carter? The article and information is Jimmy Carter's interview, and Mr. Jeff Carter does not wander off into his personal likes and dislikes later, so why must they be paraded before the reader at the start?

Writing that begin with disclaimers strike me as (1) timid, or (2) hypocritical, or (3) betraying a lack of trust in the readers' intelligence.  The writer suffers from bulemia, in that they cannot stop indulging themselves, but then are compelled to purge themselves... and right before our eyes, too.

I am a human being. I am a big "fan" of Creation: I am interested in all things human... and beyond!


Ruth said...

Oh I appreciate what you say here. I felt it but never articulated it.

All things human ... yes!

Montag said...

Yes, and may those who disclaim men and women of goodwill who happen to have different opinions... may they learn humility and get insight.

Baysage said...

I find the remarks self-serving. This guy is establishing his bona fides right up front, and therefore buddying up to the 70 or 75 percent of people who didn't embrace Jimmy Carter's policies. It sparks a resonance of agreement right off, instead of turning off a large chunk of those people who are not the slightest bit interested in reading anything about Jimmy Carter.

Montag said...

Yeah, he some present day clown-conservative who cannot write "Jimmy Carter" without a disclaimer.

The attitude turns my stomach.