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Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Europe: 10 Theses on the Euro Crisis

The first two theses:

Ingo Schulze – 10 theses about the crisis
27 January 2012

1. To speak of an ‘attack’ on democracy is to speak euphemistically. A situation in which a minority of a minority is allowed – i.e., it is legal – to seriously harm the public good for their own enrichment is post-democratic. The public sphere itself is guilty, because it is unable to elect representatives that perceive its interests.

2. Every day one hears that governments must “win back the confidence of the markets." By ‘markets’ it is primarily the stock exchanges and financial markets that are meant: that is, those speculators who, in pursuit of their own interests or the interests of others, are raking in as much profit as they can. Are they not those who have relieved the public sphere of unimaginable billions? They are the ones whose “confidence” our top elected officials should be struggling to win back?



Baysage said...

And they all raised their hands and said "AMEN"!

Montag said...

I added the link. It is an interesting gathering of European opinion, although the translations may strike one as a bit odd at times.

I like finding what European and Middle Eastern and Asian minds think about things; the incestuous American pablum gets to be unpalatable.