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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Socialist Basis of Capitalistic Exploitation

First, everything has to be socialized; there is no more private anything, whether it be property or intellectual property nor even a name.

Facebook's IPO will rake in billions based solely on one point: Facebook is a social networking site that has been able to "socialize" private data: names, address, friends' names, like and dislikes, etc. Facebook has taken private conversation and made it public in a grossly effective way: there is no "copyright" upon your personal data anymore. It is far more effective a method to socialize privacy than any other; it is a large-scale public confession.

(Take a moment and think of our entertainments, our advertising, our internet, our phone cameras, etc. and then think of our private sex lives, and how effectively that has been socialized over the past century, and how it is being even more so now.  The private corners of our lives are fair game to the poachers of persuasion.)

If I wish to steal something, say "land", from a group of people that have been living on it for eons, the first step would be to dis-establish their sole rights to it; I can do this by socializing private property, including "land". Now the aboriginals have a claim, but I also have a claim to the land.
Then we negotiate.
Sometimes negotiations break down and there is a fair fight which ensues, with my side using rifles and bombs and their sides using arrows and spears. Treaties restore the peace, all is well, and the land in question is quietly removed from the arena of socialized items.

This is the exact method by which Risk has been socialized on our banking industry: at a certain time, all things private become socialized, whatever amendments those in power wish to make are made, then the veil of socialization is removed.

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