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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Things Aren't What They Seem To Be


I was reading about Ayn Rand this morning.
Of course, I hold that Rand is an atheist, and her philosophy is atheistic hogwash. I have seen her ideas at work at Hillsdale College .  I have seen what happens when you take moral clowns - essentially most of us - and put them in a position where you say "Make your own rules and morality, O, great ones!"

It is not pretty. It was tried during the French Revolution, and a number of times afterwards: all with similar results.

I believe Intelligent Design Theory to be Polytheism and Idolatry, too.

That's why the future is so tricky: most people think Ms. Rand is a really smart cookie and is somehow a devoted Conservative USA-type... when actually she is a Jacobin, a destroyer of values; most people think Intelligent Design Theory is science... when it is paganism triumphant!

This is why the Future will be so-o-o-o interesting: we are so set in our beliefs that we force ourselves to not only not see the forest, but most of the time we miss the trees, too!
Life is a lot like Romeo and Juliet, for Life finds a way to destroy our dreams with the ideas we hold most dear! Think of the "conceptual characters" in Romeo and Juliet, the ones who are highly developed and focused: Mercutio... he dies;  Thibault... he dies; Romeo... goes the way of all flesh, and Juliet, too, passes away.
All the great characters, the Icons of our Dramatic Pleasure!, are dead and gone, while Benvolio and old man Montague continue on unto the last syllable of their time...


Great ideas are great and living characters on the stage of life, and cannot be held too long, or they become stale, uninteresting, and unable to inspire.

Look at the dismal swamp of our religions: large numbers of people intolerant of other faiths.
Look at the miasma of our spirituality!
Each generation, each person must re-discover the divine spark and then must re-kindle the fire of the Holy within their hearts.

Those religions are not approaches to the Holy; they are old and out-worn garments that have rotted away and treasure chests that have been rusted through. All the interesting and exciting things which are Creation have become Desuetude and an Indolence creeping to Death, and our Shakespearean plays have lost their vibrant actors and turned into repetitious morality plays - which depress us all to an equality of moribund stagnancy - or have become a sequellae of Punch and Judy shows striving to invigorate us by echoes and re-echoes of violence.

Punch and Judy

The Time of Unchanging is not my life; my life is filled with change. My apprehension of the Holy has a beginning and an end in this dimension of Creation. Therefore, it grows and ebbs according to the cycles already outlined in the world about me, and I must ceaselessly work in those gardens and orchards to harvest over and over... not just once! Each harvest comes and passes like Mercutio, like Thibault, like Romeo and like his Juliet.


sequellae   is used in the sense of "a series of outcomes or sequels"; singular "sequella".


Baysage said...

My, my, but aren't you cheery at the beginning of this fine new year. No question you're correct, but we can console ourselves with the thought that we personally will not have to watch Humpty take his great fall. But then there's the realization he will fall on our kids and grandkids. No consolation there. So perhaps you're right to be so gloomy after all.

Montag said...

That is as cheery as it gets.

My point is that the fall already happened, not that it is about to happen.
Humpty is already broken, not about to break.

We are already in the midst of "The Grapes of Wrath"; that is why the idea that something may be averted by electing the right person is goofy: we already have elected the wrong persons, and have done so for a generation or more.

Montag said...

In fact, we are the wrong persons...

unless we get our acts together soon...