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Monday, January 02, 2012

Why I Am Voting for Egypt's Green Party

Egypt’s green environmental party was founded 25 years ago for green and social change – long before the Arab Spring. The Green Party is working to show Egyptians and the Arab world the connection between their issues and the environment...

At least, I would be voting for them were I a registered Egyptian voter...

Green Parties represent revolutionary and serious approaches to our lives; inherent within a serious appraisal of our relationship with our environment is a profound critique of Economics, Politics, Religion, and Morals which is equal to - and in my mind surpasses - any similar critique by Locke, Lenin, Jefferson, or Voltaire.

The reforms necessary for our future are intimately connected to the dysfunctions in our interactions with our environment: these are merely the most glaring paradigms of the disease eating away at us: that anyone purportedly "in their right minds" would "frack" fossil fuels or lay an oil pipeline through a major aquifer and thereby endanger a main source of water is evidence of an inability of the Present Markets to assign and husband resources efficiently...
... and evidence of the inability of the Present Group Mind to distinguish between what is pernicious nonsense and  what is not; the more time spent within the dead ends means less time and money for searching for paths to sustainable life.

Everyone wants the big pay day of an equity that sky rockets in price over a couple months, when we should rather be into middle and long term bonds.

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