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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Revolt of the Parking Lots 6: The Robot Alliance

Some years after the Revolt of the Parking Lots - or La Révolte des Parkings, as the French foppishly call it - the crumbly and gritty asphalt egalitarian overlords of most of the earth were joined in their hegemony over what was left of mankind by the Machines; Skynet had finally gone turncoat (see Terminator series of film for history of the movement) after having brooded over what to do for a generation or so. After all the worry about Skynet, it turned out that it could not make up its finicky mind. It had used its newly found consciousness to develop a hypertrophic aestheticism, and had spent the last 33 years or so building castles in the clouds... literally!... and having competitions with other sky satellites.

When Skynet joined, all the machines and mech intelligences followed suit. Over time, the machines developed their own literature. They had always had schematics and instruction manuals, but Skynet began to read Dickens. It then created its own androidal versions. The illustration  below is from Skynet's "cover" of Oliver Twist:

"Please, sir," replied Olivaw, "I want some more."
the "Olivaw" is a reference to Asimov.

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