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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Lies We Tell

No man will create jobs.
To create jobs by policy is faith, not fact. Economics is a science that follows behind Life and picks up what is strewn about in its wake, making notes about it all the time.

No man nor woman, nor any group of men or women will create jobs, nor will they fix the economy. They wish to do so, and their fervent wishes are the best we can do to fix things long-term, because we just do not know.
All we know is our prejudices and ideologies and mind-sets; no more than that. We do not know how to create jobs or industries that compete in international markets.

How to make things better?

Education will makes things better. We commit to educate and we wait for the harvest; it takes an entire winter of discontent,  but we know it will come.

Peace will make things better. Instead of watching the wars go by one after another, stretching out decades, watching our own brothers and sisters and children become killed, maimed, and broken in spirit until they succumb to committing atrocious acts, give peace a chance.
We did after the fall of the USSR, and most people felt relief the Cold War was over, even though we could see it was driving a lot of the villains in government and policy and business and industry up a tree. We did not imagine how creative they would be.

Faith will make things better. Not compulsion and not obsession. What people are those who argue over public displays of prayer on football fields, yet whose own Gospels tell them to pray behind closed doors? They are a faithless people, whose ideology fills the void where faith once was.

Charity will make things better: to do unto others as we would have done to us.

Equality of Opportunity will make things better, and it will change the Legacy World we see around us where only the very, very rich have access to the best our society has to offer.

Vote for me: I promise to commit long-term to these things.

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