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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Black-Scholes at the Center of the Galaxy

Black Holes

At the center of the financial galaxy, that is.

Interesting article on maths in finance. I personally think it is all in the interests of Skynet, who will be the only entity able to keep up with the data processing, and will literally own the earth and will not have to fight against John Connor and his cohorts after all.
In fact, Skynet will probably be John Connor's boss.

Black-Scholes  (Myron Scholes)

There is a debate on quantitative methods in finance, and I think they are a menace, personally. I refuse to argue about it, because it is the type of thing that will continue to run its course into disaster, regardless of what anyone says. There is no vision nor will to regulate such things in the present social structure. 
It will be one of the shards of the future.

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