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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Poem

From my poetry blog (link on right)

Spring Plantings

Susan planted pansies yesterday
and I moved them in the evening
to protect them from the freeze
although hardy plant they be;
the full moon shined upon them,
and the full moon frost cuts deeply
in the spring.

I stood and watched that fulgent star,
like Hesiod stood within his vineyard
together with his brother, Perses,
in their childhood, Demeter bless’d,
and like them waited as Pandora
opened a jar of corrosion
to melt gold.

So we plant our flowers in hard times,
awaiting life’s newness once again:
like old vines who have sent down roots
deep in the soil, we are pruned again,
but await the graft of spring’s new
scion wood into our wounded souls:
Easter time!


The references are to Hesiod's Works and Days, a poem from ancient Greece.

Demeter - great Mother, source of wealth and growing things; associated with the Golden Age.

Pandora – according to Hesiod, opened a container of evils, ruining the perfection of the world; a reference to the present less-than-perfect state of affairs.

scion wood – wood to be grafted onto existing stocks

We have faith in a return to goodness after winter, after the end of a golden age, after we have been cut and wounded.


Ruth said...

Extraordinary. There are fresh ways to express resurrection every morning.

Happy Easter!

Montag said...

Happy Easter, Ruth, to your entire family.

I wondered if I should mix Hesiod and Easter, but that is the box it came in - so to speak - and there was no way I could squeeze St. Jerome in, so good old Hesiod it was.
I recalled that you were familiar with him, and so was my wife, so that was enough for me.

Baysage said...

Bravo this! Good job, Montag.

Montag said...

Thank you.