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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Occam's Razor Bumps: Dark Matter

 Galaxy Cluster Abell 1689

Some further serious problems with Dark Matter have come to light within the last week. I feel a sense of relief; I never took to DM (Dark Matter) or DE (Dark Energy), having had a sneaking suspicion that they were too much like a grand Ptolemaic schema with deferents, equants, epicycles, and eccentrics piled on to preserve the Standard Ancient Greek Model of Cosmology (SAGMoC) wherein the Earth was at the center of the solar system, and the planets moved in circles about it.
Of course, within this month there are observations supportive of the theory, also, but there is further work which could take years, and we have reached a point in Cosmology where everything has become Byzantine, rather than Einstein.

I never liked preserving the Standard Model of Cosmology (SMoC) deriving from the work of Einstein and the Big Bang by asserting that so much Matter and Energy is commonly unobservable. This radical change always struck me as a "quick fix":  it was not a change like Relativity - a change which predicted certain experimental observations which could be made to verify it - rather, it changed the very nature of the Universe in order to preserve the SMoC.

Furthermore, it struck me as The Revenge of the Luminous Aether, which might not after all been struck dead by the Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887.

Occam's Razor leads us to use the simplest explanation for observed phenomena, and at the time, increasing the amount of Matter in the Universe was the simplest explanation for the observed data: cosmology postulated that there was energy and matter which hitherto escaped all notice, and there was enough to satify the SMoC.

Now, it may be changing, and Occam's Razor was apparently very dull at the time of the Dark Matter shave and a hair cut.
Do Milky Way Companions Spell Trouble for Dark Matter?
The VPOS: a vast polar structure of satellite galaxies, globular clusters, and streams around the Milky Way

Also, Google on Professor Pavel Kroupa (one of the authors of the VPOS paper cited) for a pdf file: The dark matter crisis: falsification of the current standard model of cosmology

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