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Saturday, April 21, 2012


We are witnessing something new. It is so new and so surprising, that we are at a loss to understand it.


Reading the Signs said...

What is the new and surprising thing? I would like to know please

Montag said...

Perhaps see the post of 4/25: The Liturgy of Life.

Every one is different, everyone reads the signs a little differently.

When I hear from you, I think of the story of the fellow who checked the healthiness of the earth around your house using stakes and electrodes (?)... perhaps a form of geomancy?

I tend to think of it as an Earth Chiropractor... as if we could twist and torsion the earth back into shape. I like the idea of an earth chiropractor.

You will probably surprise yourself...

Would you provide me with the exact post of yours about the "geomancer"? I would like to look at it again. (If I have this all mixed up, and it was some other person, I apologize.)

...and since you write, write about that, for if you don't, I shall.