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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reflection and Revision

I made some changes to posts that were too overtly political, and unfair. However, as every poll taker comes to know when they corner me on the telephone, I took a vow in 2006 never to vote again for any member of a certain party - which will remain nameless.
Arrogance has its own rewards; one of the Laws of Nature is Irony: the bigger the ego trip, the harder the fall. Our problems since the beginning of the century are not random: they follow the Law of Irony, just like the Tower of Babel; every valley will be raised, and the hills made low... irony and reversal, eh?

This, however, does not imply any great love or respect for the other major party.
I stand ready to render judgment on both sides.
I shall, however, try to be less partisan. I do have a quick temper, and will try to keep it under control.

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