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Friday, April 06, 2012


I added a new link, Black and White Dreams, to which I am indebted for a wonderful photo:

Broken Hearts and Bicycle Parts

It is the name of a Bicycle Event/Location/Gathering in or near Atlanta, Georgia. I added the link on the right.

There is another link that has been there a long time: Hammorabi.
This person provided a stunning record of events during the long Iraq War. Now, however, he has turned to fervid religious promotion. I retain the link out of my respect for him, and realize that he may have been adversely affected by, in his words: 
America and its allies killed Millions of Iraqis by wars from 1991 - 2011 and barbaric sanction(sic)
Like so many other things, we shall leave it to our children to deal with the legacies of ill will.

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