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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Chiropractor of Earth

I just wrote a comment to "Signs", and it took possession of the brain, as it were... as so often happens, and sometimes I could sit here for hours following every train of thought like some vibrant Ariadne's thread, going through a labyrinth of associations, and then writing about them.

However, it reminded me of a time when - and I hope I am remembering this correctly - the Lady mentioned said that she had hired an apprentice from the guild of Hallowed Dowsers, Conny Wabblers, Coxcombs, and Geomancers to take a look see about her homestead and gardens on one St. Crispin's Day a couple of years ago.
The process consisted of the fellow placing metal poles into the ground about the manse, and collecting data by some mysterious process monitoring energy flows. This lead to some sort of outcome, money changes hands, and brows are unfurrowed.

I think of this guy as a chiropractor, though, a chiropractor of he Earth, who goes around and sets things aright by a homeopathic and folksy knowledge of the various flows of energy and pressure points and is sort of an all-round kind and beamish type of Edgar Cayce cum Judge Hardy...

But there is a serious side, and that is the sickness of the Earth, or perhaps the sickness of given Locales and Environments.
(There are indeed different energies in various places. I know someone who, while at home in Michigan, usually uses Tums; when visiting in Washington D.C. and Maryland, she requires no Tums at all.
I myself used to be very sure that I noticed during my frequent visits to Nassau County, Long Island, my beard would grow much faster than at home; it grew faster and fuller, much like the rhododendra there grew luxuriant, while those in Michigan were stunted in comparison.
Add in allergens, sinuses, and stagnant air, and you have just the tip of the iceberg of a topology of miserable places.)

The Earth Chiropractor is a water-witch of the sick Earth and discovers its aquifers of sorrow.


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