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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Russia and the West 1990 to 2000____ Implications for the Present

Russian Parliament Building

I mentioned Romney and his very odd denunciation of Russia in a recent post:

Romney said that Russia was the #1 geopolitical foe of the USA, and in doing so, he certainly surprised a number of people who thought that everything was going along on a pretty even keel, all things considered.

Russia has every reason to be our buddy, Mitt. Or does it?

Were you aware of the recent report from the University of Cambridge on our economic influence on Russia and Eastern Europe at the time? 
Let's take a look, Mitt, old pal:
A policy of mass destruction
March 29, 2012

A new analysis showing how the radical policies advocated by western economists helped to bankrupt Russia and other former Soviet countries after the Cold War has been released by researchers.
The study, led by academics at the University of Cambridge, is the first to trace a direct link between the mass privatisation programmes adopted by several former Soviet states, and the economic failure and corruption that followed.
Devised principally by western economists, mass privatisation was a radical policy to privatise rapidly large parts of the economies of countries such as Russia during the early 1990s. the policy was pushed heavily by the , the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Its aim was to guarantee a swift transition to capitalism, before Soviet sympathisers could seize back the reins of power.
Instead of the predicted economic boom, what followed in many ex-Communist countries was a severe recession, on a par with the of the United States and Europe in the 1930s...

The report also carries a warning for the modern age: “Rapid and extensive privatisation is being promoted by some economists to resolve the current debt crises in the West and to help achieve reform in Middle Eastern and North African economies,” said King. “This paper shows that the most radical privatisation programme in history failed the countries it was meant to help. The lessons of unintended consequences in Russia suggest we should proceed with great caution when implementing untested economic reforms.”

Mr. Romney, is there any end to the genocidal imaginations reflected in your opinions? Or are we to let the Genocidal Memes which you parrot continue forever?

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