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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Do Not Call Amendment

I re-registered this year for Do Not Call, received my emails, and went to the site to confirm.

I am inundated with crap.
It goes without saying that the political crap is given a pass, and the Friends of the Police for the County, and the local constabulary, but I'm getting all sorts of stuff. Some of us sleep at various times during the day, only to be awoken by a nonsense telephone call.

I think the telephone should be totally off limits to any solicitors. Period.
They intrude into our homes by cable TV, by radio, by our cell phones...
I want them out of my home.
Why does everyone in this country who is a politician or has a gizmo to sell have a right to intrude upon us?

If we need an Amendment to the Constitution, then that's what we should do.


E.P. Rush said...

I realize the following to be a lame comment on your fine statement, but I'm compelled to say this: I couldn't agree with you more. Privacy (especially "peace and quiet") has become a more valuable commodity than gasoline, I wager. Do we have a constitutional right to privacy? I think not. Probably should.

Montag said...

I think we should, too.

Sometimes it makes me feel like a guinea pig in a maze.