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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Matter of Scale

Democracy has always had an element of hypocrisy in it. How else can you get a majority of disparate people to vote for you, unless you appear to want to give to each of them what they want. As far back as ancient Athens, voters were complaining and looking for a honest politician who "said what he means!"

All in all, the results are no too shabby. Democracy has been at times a beacon to the world and has transformed men of humble origins into revered figures, such as Abraham Lincoln. (I shall not mention the Founding Fathers here, because, as celebrated as they rightly are, a certain segment of the population has transformed them into totems or god-like heroes; one only need go as far as Justice Scalia to find someone who goes into his inner sanctum to attempt to commune with the spirits of the Founding Fathers and what they meant.)

It is a matter of scale: a little bit of hypocrisy greases the noisy gears and things seem to run better; after 4 years a bit more grease is needed.

However, I predict that this year, 2012, the introduction of the Super PACs will tilt the scales, and throw everything out of balance. A little hypocrisy will become rampant falsehood and innuendo, and Truth will take a holiday... as if Truth has been over worked over the last ten years or so.

We may as well begin thinking right now how we shall respond to this.

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