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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Al Qaida Strikes Again

This morning at Hanaan's Diner, Hank Jacobowski said that the third woman in the Petraeus affair, Jill Kelley, is of Arab descent, and he thinks she has ties to Al Qaida. He said that General Allan, in charge of NATO in Afghanistan, has now been found by the FBI to have emailed her between 20,000 to 30,000 times in 2010 to 2012... and that wuz a lot of email!

He thinks that Al Qaida switched to a "Mata Hari" approach... not in those exact words, however.

He thinks it's working pretty good, so far.


Tom Schott said...

Does your friend start drinking that early in the morning?

Montag said...

In a world of Romneys, Ryans, and skirt-chasing Generals (sounds a lot like a musical comedy... sort of like "A Funny Thing Happened.On The Way To The Forum"), we do not need booze.

We are intoxicated by our knavery.