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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Willard's Woes Continued

The idiocy continues from the Romney camp. What a disaster they would have been had he been elected!

The New York Times reports that in a "lengthy autopsy of their campaign," Romney's political advisers found that a large number of voters who were undecided toward the end wound up voting Obama, and many said Hurricane Sandy was a major factor in their decision. “Christie,” said a Romney adviser, “allowed Obama to be president, not a politician.”

Gov. Christie did not allow Mr. Obama to act like a president, hurricane Sandy did. Mr. Christie just happened to be in the path of the storm. It would have been the same for any state and on any coastline.

The fact is Republicans ignored climate issues and denied climate change. Incredibly, a campaign during which nothing was said about climate ended in a major climate disaster! That is rich irony. And people may have remembered Mr. Romney's blathering about FEMA; they may have remembered other Republican  idiocy, such as Eric Cantor's handling of the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri:  they can have all the disaster relief they need... if we get some budget offsets for the money first!

An entire generation of Pernicious Idiots.

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